#4FabulousHair, Choose Himalaya!

best hairfall treatment

HIMALAYA ANTI-HAIR FALL BOX:  THE BEST HAIR FALL TREATMENT IN TOWN! Do you think you’ve got it hard? Imagine what your hair has to deal with! From pollution to dust, a sedentary lifestyle to lazy practises and most importantly, a lot of neglect, this is what your tresses have to overcome and yet look frikkin’ […]

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Black tee and Blue Jeans!

Its summer, don’t wear black, they said. Don’t wear denims, they said. But let the haters talk. I wore black and i wore denims and I loved it! So, when I found this black cropped tee recently with ‘’Sarcasm’’ written in big, bold letters, I knew I just had to buy it. I love my […]

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