Complete Guide to South Goa: It’s Amazing!

south goa guide

You can visit a place multiple times and yet find new things about it with each visit. That’s exactly what happened when I visited Goa this time. This was my 5th visit to Goa but it felt like my first visit because this time around, we chose to go to South Goa.  When I covered […]

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Dandeli Calling- Days In The Wild

Things to do in Dandeli   Vacation number 5 for this year was Dandeli, a forested, mountainous region in Karnataka, abundantly blessed with blue-green rivers, lush wildlife and more. If I had to describe this place in a few words, it would be: Untouched, beautiful and colorful. It’s a quaint little place where you can […]

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Sterling Holidays: Amazing Resorts You’ll Love!

STERLING HOLIDAYS:  #HOLIDAYDIFFERENTLY Book your transport. Go to the destination. Stay at any resort. Visit the typical tourist spots. Eat the same old food. Come back. That is what holidaying use to be about. Explore. Wander. Live like a local. Experiment with local cuisine. Take the unexplored paths. Learn the culture. Do something different. Experience […]

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